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Home inspections: Check out our home inspection report explaining the condition of the home. During the Home Inspection process we will inspect and discuss any problems the home may have, we are a one stop shop for all your inspection needs..!

Auto Inspections: How to check the price of a automobile you’re interested? Experienced in the industry for 30+ years. Appraisals, bank owned, eBay/out of state checks... Find out more, one stop shop...!

Rental Inspections: Investors, Banks, Private Party, We will inspect move outs and move in's, we will do a checks list and take current photographs and list all issues of your rental or investment property.

Construction Inspections: We will provide a update on the progress or stage of completion on the construction of a new home. Inspections will include images and a written update.

REO Inspections: HWBI will inspect all Bank Real Estate Owed, Homes, Autos, Motorhomes, Motorcycles... check us out..! One Stop Shop..:))

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